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The Cell/Mobile Phone card transforms the harmful microwave radiation emitted by the phone to frequencies that harmonise with the human energy field.  This card may also be used on television, radio, internet and cordless telephones.  

The Small Square card is specifically designed for personal protection from electromagnetic fields (EMFs), Geopathic stress and negative energies from people and places.


Rainbow: It emits a frequency that helps to transform the negative effects of electro-magnetic radiation, geopathic stress and toxic energies within the space. The Rainbow card can also be used on the body to heal, relieve pain, balance the chakras and for enhancing meditation. 

Seed of life/Resonance/Pendulum: The cards and the pendulum are used in Body Spin to assist in the healing process. The Seed of Life card also creates a powerful vortex around the home for protection from all external energies.


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