The following is a list of books by master teachers, which I read along my journey and experienced as precious resources.


Life Alignment

* Philippa Lubbock – The healing power of Life Alignment – Watkins 2017

Philippa Lubbock – Life Alignment, heal your life & discover your true purpose – Watkins

* Myriam Laruffa – Life Alignment, La cura – Laruffa Edizioni


Anatomy and Energy Healing

* Pip Waller – Holistic Anatomy

* Cindy Dale – L’energia dei chakra – Armenia

* Richard Gerber – Medicina vibrazionale – Venexia

Anodea Judith:

– Eastern Body, Western Mind – Celestial Arts

– Chakra Balancing – Sounds True

– Creating on purpose – Sounds True

Donna Eden – Energy medicine – Piatkus

* David Perlmutter & Alberto Villoldo – Power up your brain



Michael Harner – The way of the shaman – Harper Collins

Sandra Ingerman – Soul Retrieval – Harper Collins

Starhawk – The spiral Dance – Harper San Francisco

Serge Kahili King – Urban Shaman – Fireside, Simon and Schuster

Jose’ Stevens – The Power Path – New World Library

Leslie Kenton – Journey to freedom – Harper Collins

Alberto Villoldo:

– Shaman, Healer, Sage – Bantam Books

– Mending the past and healing the future with Soul Retrieval – Hay House

– The four Insights- Hay house



Robert Moor & Douglas Gillette – King Warrior Magician Lover- Harper San Francisco

* Jean Shinoda Bolen:

– Goddesses in every woman – Gods in every man – Goddesses in older women



Gill Edwards with Piatkus:

– Pure Bliss – Living Magically – Stepping into the magic

Sanaya Roman with HJ Kramer Inc:

– Living with joy – Personal Power through awareness – Spiritual Growth

Seth – The nature of personal reality

Joshua David Stone with Light Technology Publishing:

– The complete ascension manual – Soul Psychology

Natalie Sian Glasson – The twelve rays of light – Derwen


Modern Buddhism

Thich Nhat Hanh with Rider Books:

– The miracle of mindfulness – No death no fear

Echhart Tolle – The Power of now – Hodder Mobius

Byron Kate – Loving what is – Rider books


Personal Development

Hal and Sandra Stone:

– Embracing ourself –New World Library

– Embracing your Inner Critic – Harper San Francisco

Sandra Stone – The Shadow King –

John Bradshaw – Home coming – Piatkus

Melody Beattie – Co-dependency no more – Hazelden

Debbie Ford – The dark side of the light chasers – Riverhead books

John DeMartini – The breakthrough Experience – Hay house