With great compassion, care and an enormous passion to help others, Ursula co-creates a better reality for others through the use of Life alignment and Shamanistic journeying. Because of this I have not only become much more aware of myself, but I have also been able to release lots of emotional and mental blockages with profound depth in a safe and friendly environment. As a consequence I now live my life in much more harmony with more ease, grace and happiness.

Anna Wickham, Management accountant


Ever since I started working under Ursula’s guidance my life has taken on new dimensions. A sense of deep healing has permeated my daily existence and there’s the buzz of spiritual adventure in the air. The work is based on such strong foundations and careful understanding of the nature of energy that I feel safe enough to explore further and further. Every session is a new experience and I love the way that we find together different approaches depending on where I am that day.

Diane Samuels, Writer


The first person in 50 years with whom I can really relax, the first person with whom I can speak out a few emotions, not even the psychologist managed to do this, without being judged, held in maternal warmth, the first person with whom that weight on my heart is being lifted, a sense of emotional liberation, more energy flowing through my heart and body. This is a powerful and effective method that allows the expression of those emotions, too deep to be rationally verbalised, feelings that can be only perceived at a physical and emotional level, like children do in their bodies and with poetical images.

Maria Capoferri, Social worker


I remember in particular a session with Ursula after which I felt a strong sense of opening in the area of the heart chakra. This feeling stayed strong and warm for at least 3 days. And suddenly I could cope with other people again. I could have conversations again and enjoy the presence of other people, neither of which I had been able to do comfortably since my breakdown many years ago. It has been an indescribable blessing to have my emotional self back.

Joy, Student


Life Alignment is by far the most powerful thing I have ever done. It is deep work; it uncovers core patterns very quickly and brings them up to be released.  What I love about this work is that it is powerful but also gentle and you feel immediately that you are being held by a community of light beings that want you to release this ‘soul weight’, patterns that have held you back for many, many years. I highly recommend Ursula.  She assists you in going deeper when you need to go deeper and let go when the time is right.  She holds you in a loving space, nudging you to peel away the layers to find your true soul self, uncovering more of who you really are.

Tahni Lamonde-Lyle, Artist


When I came to see Ursula I had no real sense of self and very unhealthy boundaries. I felt that all the things I was feeling would take control of me and life was a struggle. Now I feel  I am learning how to manage my own healing and growth. Ursula has guided  me to clear  heavy and painful energies, as well as draining connections so that I may have a healthier relationship with myself and others. I am learning to become a more self-empowered and free person. Wonderfully Ursula manages to do this in a nourishing and supportive way.

Isabelle Tepper, Student