A business becomes successful when all resources, activities and people are aligned in harmony towards the fulfilment of its purpose.


This transformative process will help you remove obstacles and blockages in the organizational structure and in the people, in the way for your organization to achieve its goals.


By working directly with the people within the organization, you will develop an awareness on how to harmonize individual needs, resolve conflicts and optimize the flow of resources and services, for your business to thrive.


In an Organization Alignment we define:

  • The mission statement and business objectives
  • The vitality or energy flow of all structures, activities and roles
  • All values, skills and attitudes that need manifesting
  • All blocks requiring transformative intervention
  • Practical modalities and actions to be implemented


All resources, people and projects are optimized, in terms of their energy being aligned towards the fulfillment of the business goals.

After individuating all needs, priorities and blocks, transformation and healing are activated by working directly with people representing the business, with a variety of Life Alignment tools, from space clearing, to body alignment, vortex healing and more. 

The process promotes connection in personal relations, expands values and beliefs towards more effectiveness and creativity, and in general, helps the business to be on track to implement its highest vision.


An organizational alignment can be performed on businesses as small as a one-person project, to more complex organizations, or within specific departments or areas of a company.

The number of sessions required and the pace of the process are negotiated specifically for each organizational alignment.


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