Home Alignment  works with clearing and harmonizing the energy field of homes, work spaces or other environments, including the land they belong to.

The main goal of the process is to clear negative frequencies and blocks in the energy flow of the space, and to balance the occupants, so that they can be in a harmonious relationship with the environment.

Examples of environmental disturbances are: electro-magnetic and microwave radiations, geopathic stress, emotional and mental imprints connected to the story of the building, the occupants’ relationship with persona space.


Home alignment can help with:


  1. Electro Magnetic and  Microwave Radiation –  Geopathic stress

Our bodies are aligned to the basic frequency of the earth (Schumann Resonance) but often this connection is disrupted by stressful frequencies, such as Electro-Magnetic Radiations (EMR), Microwave radiations (via ether) or Geopathic stress. 

Our electromagnetic field is affected by the radiations from Wi-Fi, computers, high tension wires, underground trains, TVs, phones, masts, radars and more.  Causes of geopathic stress can be underground streams, cracks and caverns, negative earth grids (Hartmann, Curry, Benker, Leylines) water pipes, cracks and caverns, black streams and more.

When sleeping or living on these disturbing frequencies the risk is that of lowering our immune system end becoming more sensitive to illnesses.


  1. Imprints connected to the story of the building

Our environment is like our energy body and is affected by events, emotions and mental projections. When doing space clearing we check the presence of entities, thought forms, negative family patterns, curses and energy blockages of different kinds, such as black spirals, hooks or energy gateways.


  1. Occupants’ relationship with personal space

The relationship we have with our personal space and with the home space need to be addressed specifically, as they are projected as energy in the environment around us. The same is true for the relationship we have with different areas of our life, such as career, marriage, children, prosperity and more, which are represented in the map of the house and may block the vital energy flow of the space itself.


Treatments and interventions to harmonize the flow of energy of the space

The potentised magnetic cards of the Vortex Technology are used to transform into positive frequencies the negative effects of electromagnetism, in order to create an harmonious environment for the occupants.

The energy flow of the space (Bagua) is then balanced by starting to individuate all priority energy blockages in different areas of the home. The areas are connected to specific aspects such as career, marriage etc. The blockages in the flow path are then balanced by working with the occupants and their relationship to the blocks and areas.

Other treatments include: working with the layout, with color and music, using crystals or art and craft and more, to enhance the harmonious flow of chi in the environment.


How to work with Home alignment

The number of sessions required for a Home Alignment is negotiated ad hoc and depends on the type of building and the number of occupants. 

The balance can be done as distant healing by using maps and it is not necessary to involve all occupants, although their permission by the use of signatures would be required.


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