My vision

My vision is about going back to the core of our being. Our inner sacred centre is the source of all inspiration and life. There we can align to the voice of the Soul.

When we let go of our ego limitations, a higher divine intelligence flows through, guiding us towards fulfillment and self-realization.

When we are connected to Spirit within, we are connected to all Universe around us, in peace and love.

My search is  for inner peace, vitality and joy but most of all for a loving connection to people and the earth.

My story

My journey started nearly 20 years ago, when I left my well-paid job, my family and country, to look for ways to retrieve a lost state of joy, hope and wonder in life.

I moved to England where the New Age revolution was blossoming, revealing many ancient as well as new ways of spiritual awakening.

I have been exploring many shamanic traditions and schools of thoughts in the Mind Body Spirit world, meeting many wonderful teachers and healers, and learning many techniques of self-discovery.

By the time I found Life Alignment I was looking for a structured system of healing, which could integrate many techniques and levels. A system empowering people to look for answers within themselves, spiritual and practical at the same time.

I now practice within the Life Alignment system which allows me to hold a neutral space for the client in her self-discovery journey, by also sharing my own knowledge and experience in the field.

My qualifications

Life Alignment Licensed Practitioner 

Life Alignment Body Spin Teacher

With Life alignment London, registered association with the British Complementary Medicine Association

Light body Healer 

With The Four Winds Society – Healing the Light Body School

Shamanic Counsellor 

With the Scandinavian Centre for Shamanic Studies)

My training

Life Alignment International, 2010-2017

Courses attended: Body Spin – Modules 1 to 6 – Life Purpose Alignment – Life Path – Vortex Healing – Home Alignment – Organization Alignment – Chakra workshops

Four winds Society – Healing the Light body, 2005-2007

Courses attended: South (Illumination), West (Extraction),  North (Soul Retrieval), East (Life and Death Rites), Walking with protection, Walking with the sacred, Munai-KI rites

Scandinavian Centre for shamanic studies, 2002-2005

Courses attended: The shaman’s journey, Into the journey, Shamanic healing, Shamanic counselling 1 and 2, Death and Life, Soul Retrieval

Other Trainings

Orin and Daben – Awakening the lightbody  Level 6 training, 2002-2009

Theta Healing  – Advanced training, 2008

Energetic NLP – Level 2 training, 2008

DeMartini – The Break-through experience, 2007

NLP Business Practitioner, 2006

Reiki and Sekhem – Level 2, 2003

Spiritual Response Therapy – Advanced training, 2002

Insight Seminars – Level 3, 2002

Counselling Skills Certificate – Mary Ward Centre London, 2002

Reclaiming Witchcraft – Retreats of celtic shamanism 1998-2001