Life Alignment International


LIFE ALIGNMENT is a system of healing and transformation that addresses the physical and emotional well-being of the individual as well as the harmonization of home spaces and organizations.


Life Alignment was developed by Dr. Jeff Levin, internationally renowned healer and world authority in the field of Energy medicine.


The system is an umbrella of healing methods for:

  • Personal Healing – Body Alignment
  • Space Clearing – Home Alignment
  • Business Development – Organisation Alignment

LIFE ALIGNMENT works with:

  • The Energy field
  • The Body
  • Higher Self
  • Vortex technology


The Energy Field

Life Alignment works with the unified field of energy, not just the physical. Everything is energy, as science says: matter being just 1% and space 99% around.
We are energy beings, with a physical body and an auric field around of etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual layers. All healing happens in the field and impacts the body.
Encoded in our energy field we find the imprints of all unresolved experiences in our life, all those negative emotional, mental and spiritual patterns creating blockages to what we want to manifest.
Life Alignment techniques work with rebalancing our energy field, through gateways of energy situated at the chakras and minor chakras. We are in fact conduits of universal energy, receiving and transmitting energy.
Life Alignment helps us release negative energies, such as emotional and mental imprints and open to receive light and positive patterns of thought and well-being.


The body’s cellular memory

All emotional traumas and mental conditioning as well as environmental stress, are locked in our body at a cellular level.
Life Alignment works with the innate intelligence of the body and by the use of a detailed map of energy body points, connected to systems, organs and glands.
With the use of applied kinesiology we ask the body to identify the root causes of vibrational imbalances, those priority energy circuit which are blocked and we work towards transforming and raising their frequency.


Higher Self guidance

At each energy imbalance it corresponds an emotional-mental-spiritual issue, which needs to be addressed with awareness. Different transformational processes are used to connect with Higher Self, our wise consciousness, and receive direct inner guidance.
The Higher Self of the person is directing the healing, by the use of applied kinesiology, pointing to the exact root cause of the imbalance and indicating a way to transform it.
The system offers a series of techniques such as visualization, emotional release, time frame re-patterning and more, to facilitate the transformational process and to manifest the true Soul Purpose of the person.


Vortex Technology

Potentised magnetic cards are used to help with the releasing and receiving of energies and accelerate the healing process.
Each magnetic card anchors a specific vibrational energy, like the elements: air, fire, water and earth or other qualities of consciousness, like trust, heart connection, receptivity and more.
The cards are used on specific body points, on healing patterns and in the environment to raise the frequency of the energy fields.


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