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Restoring the flow of life

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Life Alignment

Life Alignment is an organization of teachers and practitioners that promotes an integrated energy healing system, including: Body Spin, Body Alignment, Purpose Alignment, Vortex technology, Home and Organization alignment. Jeff Levin is the founder.

Inka shamanism

The mission of the Four Winds Society is to preserve the healing techniques of Inka Shamanism and bring them into the 21st Century through classes and in-depth training programs. Alberto Villoldo is the founder.

Core shamanism

The Scandinavian Centre for Shamanic Studies, led by Jonathan Horwitz runs courses to learn the tools of core shamanism, to experience shamanic healing and shamanism as a spiritual path.

Lightbody training

Awakening the Light Body” is a powerful and extensive training to learn to work with the vibrational energy centres of your body and experience higher states of consciousness. The site offers a variety of meditations and other courses online.


Mooji is an avatar, an advaita zen master. I have been deeply moved by his live satsangs, you can connect to for free. There is a lot of material on utube that you can try.

Cheltenham Community

Ursula is proud to belong to the Cheltenham Community and to offer her services to its people


Read the article “Subtle Energy Medicine” by Philippa Lubbock, writer and Life Alignment practitioner

Subtle Energy Medicine