As a Life Alignment practitioner I offer sessions in person or on Skype/Online.


Types of sessions

Body Alignment, sessions for personal transformation and healing.

Home Alignment, space clearing for your home and work environment.

Organization Alignment,  a mentoring process to manifest your vision.


What to expect in a session

With a focus on your specific intentions, we work at identifying those experiences which need to be manifested and those stories and patterns which need to be transformed.

Higher Self guided processes, derived from a variety of healing techniques, facilitate self-awareness and transformation on a physical, emotional and mental level.

A final discussion follows to anchor the main outcomes of the healing and to integrate the work in your everyday life.

A session in person will be with the person lying down on a massage table. There is no physical contact as the work is done in the energy field of the person.

The session on Skype/Online will be in a personal space of your choice.




Home Studio: Sistiana 59/V – Duino Aurisina (Trieste)

Holistic Centre Il giardino degli Angeli – Via del Coroneo 41/2 – Trieste –

Libreria per l’Anima – Via Tiberio Deciani 27 – Udine 


UK and abroad on Skype 

Name: ursulabarbieri


For more information or to book a session:

0039 327 59 65 002