Vortex technology was developed by Dr. Jeff Levin 20 years ago and has a fundamental role in the Life Alignment System.

The main tools are the Vortex Cards, potentised magnetic plates, emitting high vibrational frequencies, each card with its own signature and function.

Fire card

The powerful Vortex technology helps to protect people, buildings and environments from disturbing energies, such as electro-magnetic radiation, microwave radiation and geopathic stress.


The vortex cards also allow deep healing in the person, by transforming the vibration of negative emotions, thoughts and conditioning into positive ones and raising our state of consciousness.


The cards can balance energetically:

Electromagnetic radiation. Negative frequencies from  computers, smart phones and other electric devices, high tension wires, masts, satellites and underground trains.

Geopathic stress. Negative earth energies caused by ley-lines, grids, subterranean water, underground cavities and more.

Negative historical energies in building and sites.

Pollutants in food and water


Presence Card

The cards have different functions and can be divided in:

The Body Spin cards, Seed of Life and the Resonance cards, which activate and enhance the releasing and receiving of energy in the body.

The Functional cards such as the Four elements, the Rainbow, the Mobile Phone and more, which help clearing toxic energies from the environment.

The Expansion cards such as the Heart card, Trust card, Presence card and more, which help balancing our emotional, mental and spiritual bodies with their specific qualities.

The Sets of cards such as the Power cards, the Activator cards and the Merkaba cards, which hold a safe and sacred space for the healing processes.


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